Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Evolution of the sexes

The following is from In the Beginning: Compelling Evidence for Creation and the Flood by Dr. Walt Brown (pages 19, 78). 

“If sexual reproduction in plants, animals, and humans is a result of evolutionary sequences, an unbelievable series of chance events must have occurred at each stage: 

1. The amazingly complex, radically different, yet complementary reproductive systems of the male and female must have completely and independently evolved at each stage at about the same time and place. Just a slight incompleteness in only one of the two would make both reproductive systems useless, and the organism would become extinct. 

2. The physical, chemical, intellectual, and emotional systems of the male and female would also need to be compatible. 

3. The millions of complex products of a male reproductive system (pollen or sperm) must have an affinity for and a mechanical, chemical, and electrical compatibility with the eggs of the female reproductive system. 

4. The many intricate processes occurring at the molecular level inside the fertilized egg would have to work with fantastic precision--processes that scientists can describe only in a general sense. 

5 The environment of this fertilized egg, from conception through adulthood and until it also reproduced with another sexually capable adult (who also ‘accidentally’ evolved), would have to be tightly controlled. 

6. This remarkable string of ‘accidents’ must have been repeated for millions of species. In humans and in all mammals, a mother’s immune system, contrary to its normal function, must learn not to attack her unborn baby--half of whom is a ‘foreign body’ from the father.” Evolutionists admit that they don’t know how sexual reproduction evolved. 

Michael Rose writes, “The evolution of sex is one of the major unsolved problems of biology. Even those with enough hubris to publish on the topic often freely admit that they have little idea of how sex originated or is maintained. It is enough to give heart to creationists” (“Slap and Tickle in the Primeval Soup,” New Scientist, Vol. 112, Oct. 30, 1986, p. 55).

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